Vismeesters consists of Harmen Kramer, Adriaan Noorloos, and Karel ten Napel. We take pride in our years of experience and expertise in delivering high-quality fish products to our customers.

Our company was founded by passionate ex-fishermen and fish experts dedicated to processing the finest quality round fish. Our commitment to providing only the best fish products has helped us become one of the most respected fish filleting companies in the region. Our specialty is hand-filleting round fish, such as cod and salmon.

We work exclusively with the best and freshest fish sourced from sustainable fisheries. Our skilled team ensures that the fish is filleted and packaged correctly to preserve its freshness and flavor. We cater exclusively to the most discerning customers.

Our fish products are always of top quality and are carefully packaged and shipped. We guarantee that our fish is always fresh and delicious. We take pride in our close collaboration with our customers to understand their specific needs and requirements, offering customized service accordingly.

We strive to be an environmentally sustainable company, working exclusively with sustainable fisheries and minimizing our production process's impact on the environment.

At our fish filleting company, you are assured of the best quality and service. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction is what we stand for and take pride in. We hope to welcome you as a customer soon!


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